our certification

2012 Jul : Quality System ISO9001 : 2008 Certified
2015 Mar : COST Award by THAI Honda MFG
2016 Mar : QCD Award by ASIN HONDA MORTOR
2017 Qct : Quality System IATF16949 Certified
2018 May : QC Award by YAMADA SOMBOON
2019 Jan : Environment System ISO 14001 Certified
2019 Mar : QCD Award by ASIAN HONDA MOTOR
2020 Jul : QC Award by THAI SUZUKI MORTOR

Quality Certification

Die-Casting Piston

General Pyrpose Engines


General Purpose Engines and Lawnmowers

Connecting Rod (Connrod)

General Purpose Engines, Outboard Motor

Other General Parts

General Purpose Engines, Lawnmowers and Shredders

Automobile Parts

Automotive Parts

Motorcycle Parts

Motorcycle Parts

Die-Casting Equipment

We guarantee the high quality products in our plant equipped with the mold maintenance combined with the each product attribute and heat treatment equipment.

Machining Equipment

Facilities are applied for both of Mass Production and Small Lot Production

Quality Inspection Equipment

The inspection equipment is fully provided for high quality products satisfied by customers

Our Customers